(20.5) Cáo Yǔ 曹宇 [Péngzǔ 彭祖]

King of Yān [Cáo] Yǔ appellation Péngzǔ. Jiàn’ān Sixteenth Year [211], he was given fief as a capital village Marquis. Twenty-second Year [217], he was changed fief to Marquis of Lǔyáng. Huángchū second Year [221], he was advanced in rank to Duke. Third Year [222], he became King of Xiàpī. Fifth Year [224], he was changed in fief to Shànfù county. Tàihé Sixth Year [232], he was changed in fief to King of Yān.


Míng-dì when young with Yǔ together matured, and always specially favored him. At the ascension to the throne, his treatment and bestowal was with the other Kings different. Qīnglóng Third Year [235], he was summoned to enter Court. Jǐngchū Inaugural Year [237], he returned to Yè. Second Year [238] Summer, he was again summoned to visit the capital. Winter Twelfth Moon, Míng-dì was critically ill, and appointed Yǔ as General-in-Chief, to entrust him with later affairs. He received office for four days, Yǔ deeply and firmly declined; the Emperor’s intentions also changed, and therefore dismissed Yǔ from office. Third Year Summer [239], he returned to Yè.


During Jǐngchū, Zhèngyuán, and Jǐngyuán, he gradually increased in fief, joining with the previous to 5500 households. The Duke of Chángdào village [Cáo] Huàn was Yǔ’s son, and entered to continue the Main Clan Line.


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