(34.7) Liú Xuán 劉璿 [Wénhéng 文衡]

Hòuzhǔ’s Heir-Apparent [Liú] Xuán appellation Wénhéng. His mother was Noble lady Wáng, who originally was Empress Jìng-Āi lady Zhāng’s attendant.


Yánxī Inaugural Year [238] Standard Moon the order said: “In the past the Emperors and Kings, formed succession and established successor, to assist in the state’s governance, and from past to present this was constant principle. Now Xuán is Imperial Heir-Apparent, to make manifest and prominent our ancestor’s authority, and order and send Acting Chancellor and Left General [Xiàng] Lǎng Wielding Staff to bestow the Seal and Ribbon. His effort to cultivate luxuriant character, respectfully reverent to principle and righteousness, consult standards and ceremony, venerate friends and teachers and tutors, considerate to the benefit of the masses, assist and achieve virtue, can he not attend to cultivation to exhort himself!” At the time he was fifteen years.


Jǐngyào Sixth Year [263] Winter, Shǔ was destroyed. Xiánxī Inaugural Year [264] Standard Moon, Zhōng Huì created chaos in Chéngdū, and Xuán by the chaotic troops came to harm. (1)


  • (1) Sūn Shèng’s Shǔ Shìpǔ states: Xuán’s younger brothers were Yáo, Cóng, Zàn, Chén, Xún, Qú, six people. Shǔ was defeated, [Liú] Chén killed himself, and the rest all moved inward. During Yǒngjiā’s [307-313] great chaos, their descendants were exterminated. Only [Liú] Yǒng’s grandson [Liú] Xuán fled to Shǔ, and Lǐ Xióng falsely appointed him Ānlè Duke to succeed as [Liú] Shàn’s descendant. Yǒnghé Third Year [347] at the suppression of Lǐ Shì, I Shèng accompanied the campaign, and met [Liú] Xuán at Chéngdū.

〔一〕 孫盛蜀世譜曰:璿弟,瑤、琮、瓚、諶、恂、璩六人。蜀敗,諶自殺,餘皆內徙。值永嘉大亂,子孫絕滅。唯永孫玄奔蜀,李雄偽署安樂公以嗣禪後。永和三年討李勢,盛參戎行,見玄于成都也。

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