(55.12) Dīng Fèng 丁奉 [Chéngyuān 承淵]

Dīng Fèng appellation Chéngyuān was a Lújiāng Ānfèng man. When young for his valor he became a lesser officer, subordinate to Gān Níng, Lù Xún, Pān Zhāng, and others. Repeatedly he followed on campaign, and in battle he always crowned the army. Every time he beheaded officers and captured flags, and his body was covered in wounds. He gradually was promoted to Assistant General. When Sūn Liàng succeeded the throne [243], he became Crowning Army General, with fief as a capital precinct Marquis.


Wèi sent Zhūgě Dàn, Hú Zūn and others to attack Dōngxīng, Zhūgě Kè led the army to resist them. The various officers all said: “The enemy hears the Grand Tutor has personally come, and when we ascend shore they will certainly evade and flee.”


Fèng alone said: “Not so. They have moved within their borders, with all of Xǔ and Luò’s troops greatly raised and come, they certainly have established course, how can they with nothing return? Do not depend on the enemy not coming, depend on us being able to surpass them.”


When [Zhūgě] Kè ascended shore, Fèng with Generals Táng Zī, Lǚ Jù, Liú Zàn and others, together from the mountains went west upstream. Fèng said: “Now the various  armies travel slowly, if the enemy occupies convenient territory, then it will be difficult to with them contend it.” Therefore he led the various armies to take the downstream road, leading his banner men of 3000 men to directly advance.


At the time there was northern wind, Fèng raised sails and in two days arrived, and therefore occupied Xútáng. The weather was cold and snowing, the enemy’s various officers set liquor and had high meetings, Fèng observed their front division’s troops were few, and said: “Obtaining fief and reward, is on this day!” Therefore he sent troops to take off armor and [only] wear helmet, and wield short weapons. The enemy from this only laughed, and did not make preparations. Fèng released troops to hew them, greatly defeating the enemy’s front camp. It happened that [Lǚ] Jù and the rest arrived, and the Wèi army therefore dispersed. He was promoted to Exterminating Bandits General, advanced in fief to a capital village Marquis.


Wèi General Wén Qīn came to surrender, and Fèng was appointed Tiger Might General, to accompany Sūn Jùn to Shòuchūn to welcome them, and with the enemy’s pursuing army battled at Gāotíng. Fèng straddled horse wielding lance, charged into the enemy lines, beheading several hundred, capturing their military weapons. He was advanced in fief to Ānfēng Marquis.


Tàipíng Second Year [257], Wèi [Campaigning East] General-in-Chief Zhūgě Dàn occupied Shòuchūn and came to surrender, and the Wèi people besieged him. They sent Zhū Yì, Táng Zī and others to go rescue, and again sent Fèng with Lí Fěi to break the siege. Fèng was the first to ascend, camped at Líjiāng, fought hard and had achievement, and was appointed Left General.


Sūn Xiū [258] ascended the throne, and with Zhāng Bù plotted, wishing to execute Sūn Chēn, [Zhāng] Bù said: “Although Dīng Fèng cannot be an official for documents, yet his planning and strategy surpasses others, and he can settle great affairs.”


[Sūn] Xiū summoned Fèng and informed him: “[Sūn] Chēn seizes the state’s authority, and will be without course, and I wish to with you General punish him.”


Fèng said: “The Chancellor [Sūn Chēn] and his brothers and friends and associates extremely flourish, and one fears people’s hearts are not the same, and cannot in the end be controlled. We can therefore at the [twelfth moon] meeting, have Your Majesty’s troops punish him.” [Sūn] Xiū accepted this plan, and therefore had meeting inviting [Sūn] Chēn, and Fèng with Zhāng Bù looked to have attendants behead him. He was promoted to General-in-chief, and also Left and Right Capital Protector.


Yǒng’ān Third Year [260], he was given Acting Staff and office as Xú Province Governor. Sixth Year [263], Wèi attacked Shǔ, and Fèng led the various armies to Shòuchūn, to be support to assist Shǔ. Shǔ was destroyed, and the army returned.


[Sūn] Xīu died [264], and Fèng with Chancellor Púyáng Xīng and others followed Wàn Yù’s words, and together invited and enthroned Sūn Hào. He was promoted to Right Marshal-in-Chief and Left Master of the Army. Bǎodǐng Third Year [268], [Sūn] Hào ordered Fèng with Zhūgě Jìng to attack Héféi. Fèng with Jìn Chief General Shí Bāo had letter, explaining things to him, and [Shí] Bāo from this was summoned back. Jiànhéng Inaugural Year [269], Fèng again led armies to repair Xútáng, and therefore attacked Jìn’s Gǔyáng. Gǔyáng’s people knew him, and all left, and Fèng captured none. [Sūn] Hào was angry, and beheaded Fèng’s Military Guide. Third Year [271], he died.


Fèng was noble and had achievement, and gradually became arrogant, and some slandered him, [Sūn] Hào recalled his former setting out military affairs, and moved Fèng’s family to Línchuān. Fèng’s younger brother Fēng, office reached Rear General, and before Fèng died.


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