(55.7) Dǒng Xí 董襲 [Yuándài 元代]

Dǒng Xí appellation Yuándài was a Kuàijī Yúyáo man, eight chǐ [~1.85 m] tall, martial strength surpassing others. (1) When Sūn Cè entered the prefecture, Xí welcomed him at Gāoqiān precinct, [Sūn] Cè met and was impressed with him, and assigned him to Below the Gate Bandit Department. At the time Shānyīn had bandits Huánglóng Luó and Zhōu Bó gather associates of several thousand men, [Sūn] Cè himself went out to suppress, and Xí personally beheaded [Huánlóng] Luó and [Zhōu] Bó, returned and was appointed Separate Division Major, receiving troops of several thousand, promoted to Raising Martial Commandant. He accompanied [Sūn] Cè in attacking Wǎn, and also suppressing Liú Xūn at Xúnyáng, and campaigning against Huáng Zǔ at Jiāngxià.


  • (1) Xiè chéng’s Hòuhànshū appraises Xí as having will and integrity vehement and fierce, martial resolution exceptionally ardent.

〔一〕 謝承後漢書稱襲志節慷慨,武毅英烈。

[Sūn] Cè died [200], [Sūn] Quán was young, first governed matters, and the Dowager worried about this, summoning to meet Zhāng Zhāo and Xí and others, asking if the Jiāng’s east could be protected and secured or not, and Xí replied: “The Jiāng’s east terrain, has the firmness of mountains and rivers, and his enlightened governorship Punishing Rebels [General Sūn Cè], his grace and virtue was with the people. Suppressing Caitiffs [General Sūn Quán] succeeds to these foundations, large and small serve orders, Zhāng Zhāo maintains the many affairs, and we Xí and the rest serve as claws and teeth, this is a time of good location and united people, in all things there is nothing to worry about.” Everyone was impressed with his words.


Póyáng bandit Péng Hǔ and others gathered several tens of thousands of men, Xí with Líng Tǒng, Bù Zhì, Jiǎng Qīn each separately divided and suppressed. Wherever Xí headed was at once defeated, and when [Péng] Hǔ and the rest saw his banners, then they would scatter and flee, and in ten days they were completely pacified. He was appointed Awing Yuè Colonel, promoted to Assistant General.


Jiàn’ān Thirteenth Year [208], [Sūn] Quán suppressed Huáng Zǔ. [Huáng] Zǔ lined two Covered Chargers together to defend the Miǎn’s mouth, with hemp large rope tied to stones as anchors, atop were a thousand men, with crossbows shooting, flying arrows like rain falling, and the army could not advance. Xí with Líng Tǒng together were the front division, each commanded Dare-to-Die of a hundred men, each man wearing double armor, riding large boats, rushing between the Covered Chargers. Xí personally with his saber cut the two ropes, the Covered Chargers therefore drifted, and the main army therefore advanced. [Huáng] Zǔ then opened gates and fled, and the soldiers pursued and beheaded him. The next day at the great gathering, [Sūn] Quán raised goblet to give to Xí saying: “Today’s meeting, is by your achievement of cutting rope.”


Excellency Cáo set out against Rúxū, Xí accompanied [Sūn] Quán in opposing them, and Xí was sent to command five Tower Ships to station at Rúxū’s mouth. In the night suddenly there was violent wind, the five Tower Ships capsized, those nearby scattered and fled to the barges, begging Xí to go out. Xí angrily said: “Receiving the General [Sūn Quán]’s appointment, to here prepare against bandits, how can I leave? Anyone who dares again say this is beheaded!” Therefore none dared interfere. That night the ship was destroyed, and Xí died. [Sūn] Quán changed to mourning clothes and oversaw the funeral, providing with extreme generosity.


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