(9.10) Appraisal [of the Xiàhóu 夏侯 and Cáo 曹]

Appraisal states: The Xiàhóu and Cáo clans, for generations intermarried, therefore [Xiàhóu] Dūn, [Xiàhóu] Yuān, [Cáo] Rén, [Cáo] Hóng, [Cáo] Xiū, [Xiàhóu] Shàng, [Cáo] Zhēn and the rest all as kin and old friends were [trusted and employed] like internal organs, noble and important at the time, in attendance in merits and enterprise, all contributing labor. [Cáo] Shuǎng’s virtue was weak and his position honored. Pouring and indulging into overflowing, this assuredly was what the Dà Yì narrated, what the Dào School dreaded. [Xiàhóu] Xuán for his competency and bearing, the world praised his name, however he with Cáo Shuǎng inside and outside were inseparable, his glory and position was like this, yet one never hears of rectifying his wrongs, or helping convey good talents. Raising this for discussion, how can one be able to escape it?


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