(51.3) Sūn Jiǎo 孫皎 [Shūlǎng 叔朗]

Sūn Jiǎo appellation Shūlǎng, was first appointed Protector of the Army Colonel, commanding an army of over two thousand men. At the time Excellency Cáo repeatedly set out against Rúxū, Jiǎo every time went to resist, calling them as elite. He was promoted to Regional Protector Campaigning against Caitiffs General, succeeding Chéng Pǔ as Commander of Xiàkǒu. Huáng Gài and his elder brother [Sūn] Yú died, and he also took over their armies. He was bestowed Shāxiàn, Yúndù, Nánxīnshì, Jìnglíng to be his supporting fief, and himself installed a Chief Clerk.


He thought little of wealth and was able to give out, was good at associating with others, and with Zhūgě Jǐn was very close, entrusted Lújiāng’s Liú Jìng with gains and losses, Jiāngxià’s Lǐ Yǔn with the multitude of matters, and Guǎnglíng’s Wú Shuò and Hénán’s Zhāng Liáng with the army, but he with whole heart was close with and cared for them, and none did not exert themselves.


Jiǎo once sent soldiers and scouts who captured the Wèi border officers’ and officials’ beautiful women to offer to Jiǎo, Jiǎo changed their clothes and sent them back, sending down order: “Now the one we are punishing is the Cáo clan, their common people have what crimes? From now onward, do not strike their old and weak.” Because of this between the Jiāng and Huái many submitted.


Once due to a small reason he with Gān Níng was angry and fought, and someone with this remonstrated [Gān] Níng, [Gān] Níng said: “We are all subjects of the same class, though the Campaigning against Caitiffs [General] is a nobleman, how can he specially act to insult others? I serve an enlightened ruler, and merely need to devote all strength, to repay what was given by Heaven, and truly cannot follow custom to disgrace myself.”


Sūn Quán heard this, and with a letter reprimanded Jiǎo stating: “From when I with the north became enemies, it has been ten years, in the beginning at the time you were yet in years young, but now you are thirty. Kǒng-zǐ said: ‘thirty and established,’ not only to speak of [knowing] the Five Classics. Awarding you with elite troops, entrusting you with great appointment, as regional protector over the various officers from a thousand lǐ and beyond, was wishing to be like how Chǔ appointed Zhāoxī Xù, to raise authority on the northern border, not to have you enact and flaunt your personal wishes and nothing more. Recently I hear that you with Gān Xīngbà drank, and due to alcohol’s effect, you offended this man, so that this man requested to transfer to Lǚ Méng’s command. Though this man is rough and brash, and has times where he does not follow others’ wishes, however he is overall a great man. I am close with him, not out of personal reasons. I am close and favor him, but you yet detest him; you every time with me oppose, how can this go on for a long time? To reside in respect and act with simplicity, is to be able to supervise the people; to love men with great tolerance, is to be able to obtain the masses. If these two things you cannot understand, how can you supervise and command the distant, to resist bandits and relieve from troubles? You are grown up, and specially receive heavy responsibility, above have to inspect the distant hopes, below have personal retainers morning and night undertaking affairs, how can you without restraint give into anger? Of men who is without mistakes? Nobility is in the ability to change, you should consider your past transgressions, and deeply reproach your own faults. Now I therefore bother Zhūgě Zǐyú to declare my intentions, overlooking the letter with pain and grief, heart in sorrow and tears flowing down.” Jiǎo obtained the letter, and sent up memorial explaining apologies, and therefore with [Gān] Níng became close.


Later Lǚ Méng was about to attack Nánjùn, [Sūn] Quán wished to order Jiǎo to with [Lǚ] Méng be left and right division chief commanders, [Lǚ] Méng said to [Sūn] Quán: “If you the utmost honored believe the Campaigning against Caitiffs [General] is able, you should employ him; if you I Méng am amble, you should use me Méng. In the past Zhōu Yú and Chéng Pǔ were Left and Right division commanders, together attacking Jiānglíng, and though matters were decided by [Zhōu] Yú, [Chéng] Pǔ trusted in himself as a long serving officer, and moreover both were commanders, and therefore they both did not get along, and almost failed state matters, this is the present’s admonishment.” [Sūn] Quán was informed, and apologized to [Lǚ] Méng saying: “You will be chief commander, with Jiǎo as rear support.” They captured Guān Yǔ, settled Jīngzhōu, and Jiǎo had forceful contribution.


Jiàn’ān Twenty-fourth Year [219] he died. [Sūn] Quán in memorial of his achievements, gave fief on his son Yìn as Marquis of Dānyáng. Yìn died, no sons. His younger brother Xī succeeded, commanded troops, had a crime and killed himself, state abolished. His younger brothers Zī, Mí, and Yí all were Generals, given fief as Marquis. Zī was Feather Forest Commander, Yí Without Trouble Commander. Zī was by Téng Yìn killed, Yí was by Sūn Jùn harmed.


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