(50.8) Lady Quán 孫亮全夫人

Quán Shàng 全尚

Sūn Liàng’s lady Quán, was Quán Shàng’s daughter. Her cousin’s grandmother the princess [Sūn Lǔbān] favored her, at every advancing for audience then they were together. When lady Pān mother and her son [Sūn Liàng] were favored, Princess Quán because she with Sūn Hé’s mother had discord, therefore encouraged [Sūn] Quán to have lady Pān’s son [Sūn] Liàng accept the lady [Quán as concubine], and [Sūn] Liàng then became successor. The lady was established as Empress, [Quán] Shàng became City Gate Colonel, fief as a capital precinct Marquis, succeeding Téng Yìn as Minister of Ceremonies and General of the Guard, advanced in fief as Marquis of Yǒngpíng, controlling Secretariat affairs. At the time the Quán clan had Marquis of five men, and also commanded soldiers and horses, the rest became Attendant Cadets, Cavalry Commandants, Night Guard attendants, and from since Wú’s rise, of outer consorts in nobility and flourishing none could match. Reaching Wèi chief officer Zhūgě Dàn with Shòuchūn coming to submit, but Quán Yì, Quán Duān, Quán Yī, Quán Yí and others all because of this surrendered to Wèi, Quán Xī due to plot leaking was killed, and because of this the various Quán declined and became weak. It happened that Sūn Chēn deposed [Sūn] Liàng to King of Kuàijī, later again demoted to Marquis of Hòuguān, the lady accompanied to the state, residing at Hòuguān, [Quán] Shàng led his family and dependents to move to Línglíng, was pursued and killed. (1)


  • (1) Wúlù states: [Sūn] Liàng ‘s wife was kind and understanding and had beautiful appearance, resided at Hòuguān, after Wú was pacified she then returned, and during Yǒngníng [301-303] died.

〔一〕 吳錄曰:亮妻惠解有容色,居候官,吳平乃歸,永寧中卒。

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