(8.6) Zhāng Xiù 張繡

Zhāng Xiù was a Wǔwēi Zǔlì man, Elite Cavalry General [Zhāng] Jì’s distant cousin’s son. When Biān Zhāng and Hán Suì made chaos in Liáng Province, Jīnchéng’s Qū Shèng attacked and killed Zǔlì Chief Liú Juàn. Xiù was a county official, watched for opportunity and killed [Qū] Shèng, and those in the prefecture praised his righteousness. Therefore he recruited and gathered youths, and in the city was a towering figure.


Dǒng Zhuó was destroyed, and [Zhāng] Jì with Lǐ Jué and the rest struck Lǚ Bù, to for [Dǒng] Zhuó take revenge. The story is in [Dǒng] Zhuó’s biography [SGZ 6]. Xiù accompanied [Zhāng] Jì, and for military achievements was gradually promoted to reach Establishing Loyalty General, with fief as Marquis of Xuānwēi. [Zhāng] Jì garrisoned Hóngnóng, his soldiers were starving, he to the south attacked Ráng, and was by a stray arrow struck and died. Xiù commanded his army, garrisoned Wǎn, and with Liú Biǎo joined. Tàizǔ campaigned south, his army reached the Yù river, and Xiù and the rest led their armies to surrender. Tàizǔ accepted as concubine [Zhāng] Jì’s wife, and Xiù resented this. Tàizǔ heard he was not pleased, and secretly had plans to kill Xiù. the plan leaked, and Xiù surprise attacked Tàizǔ, Tàizǔ‘s army was defeated, and his two sons were killed. Xiù returned to defend Ráng, (1) Tàizǔ year after year attacked him, but could not overcome him.


Tàizǔ resisted Yuán Shào at Guāndù, and Xiù followed Jiǎ Xǔ’s plan, and again with his army surrendered. The story is in [Jiǎ] Xǔ’s biography [SGZ 10]. Xiù arrived, Tàizǔ grasped his hand, and with him feasted, and had his son [Cáo] Jūn take as wife Xiù’s daughter, and appointed him Raising Martial Ability General. In the Guāndù campaign, Xiù fought hard and had achievement, and was promoted to Breaking Qiāng General. He followed in defeating Yuán Tán at Nánpí, and again increased his fief to altogether 2000 households. At the time the realm Under Heaven’s population was diminished, ten reduced to one, and the various General’s fiefs had never reached 1000 households, but Xiù specially had more. He accompanied the campaign against the Wūhuán at Liǔchéng, but before he arrived, he died, posthumous name Dìng-hóu “Decisive Marquis.” (2) His son [Zhāng] Quán succeeded. In connection to Wèi Fěng’s plot of rebellion he was executed, state abolished.


  • (1) Fù-zǐ states: Xiù had a closely trusted Hú Chē’ér, his valor greatest in his army. Tǎizǔ favored his valor and strength, and with his own hand gave gold to him. Xiù heard and suspected Tàizǔ wished to use his attendants to assassinate him, and therefore rebelled.
  • Wúshū states: Xiù surrendered, and used Jiǎ Xǔ’s plan, asking to relocate his army to a high road, and the road passed through Tàizǔ‘s camp. Xiù also said: “The carts are few and heavy, and I ask to have the troops each carry armor.” Tàizǔ trusted Xiù, and in all cases listened to him. Xiù therefore led ordered troops into the camp, surprising Tàizǔ, Tàizǔ was not prepared, and therefore was defeated.

〔一〕 傅子曰:繡有所親胡車兒,勇冠其軍。太祖愛其驍健,手以金與之。繡聞而疑太祖欲因左右刺之,遂反。吳書曰:繡降,(凌統)用賈詡計,乞徙軍就高道,道由太祖屯中。繡又曰:「車少而重,乞得使兵各被甲。」太祖信繡,皆聽之。繡乃嚴兵入屯,掩太祖。太祖不備,故敗。

  • (2) Wèilüè states: The Five Office General [Cáo Pī] because he was repeatedly invited to a meeting, became angry and said: “You killed my elder brother, how can you dare have face to meet anyone!” Xiù in his heart could not be at ease, and therefore killed himself.

  〔二〕 魏略曰:五官將數因請會,發怒曰:「君殺吾兄,何忍持面視人邪!」繡心不自安,乃自殺。

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