(8.8) Appraisal [of Two Gōngsūn 公孫, Táo 陶, Four Zhāng 張]

Appraisal states:

Gōngsūn Zàn defended citadel, sitting and waiting for extermination.

Dù was cruel and brutal and without moderation, Yuān carried on the enterprise to continue viciousness, only sufficient to overturn his clan.

Táo Qiān was muddled and chaotic and in anxiety died, Zhāng Yáng lost his head to his subordinates, both held and occupied provinces and prefectures, but even ordinary fellows they did not match, indeed not worth discussing.

Yān, Xiù, Lǔ gave up being bandits, were ranked as accomplished ministers, left danger and destruction, protected their ancestral sacrifices, and so compared to the others they were far better.


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