(20.2) Cáo Shuò 曹鑠

Xiāng Shāng-wáng ‘Died-young King’ Shuò, early died. Tàihé Third Year [229] given fief and posthumous title. Qīnglóng Inaugural Year [233], his son Mǐn-wáng [Cáo] Qián succeeded, that year died. Second Year [234] his son Huái-wáng [Cáo] Yǎn succeeded, with fief of 2500 households, Fourth Year [236] died. No sons, state abolished. Zhèngyuán Second Year [255], Lèlíng King [Cáo] Mào’s son Yángdū village Duke [Cáo] Sǒng succeeded as Shuò’s descendant.


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