(52.4) Bù Zhì 步騭 [Zǐshān 子山]

Bù Zhì appellation Zǐshān was a Línhuá Huáiyīn man. (1) The world was in chaos, he fled the troubles to the Jiāng’s east, was alone and destitute, with Guǎnglíng’s Wèi Jīng was the same age and together friendly, and together grew melons to self support, in the day industrious with four limbs, in the night reciting the classics. (2)


  • (1) Wúshū states: Jìn had a Grandee Yáng who took revenue from [was given fief of] Bù, later there was Bù Shū, who with seventy students took Zhòngní as a teacher. Between Qín and Hàn there was a General, who for achievement was given fief as Marquis of Huáiyīn, Zhì was his descendant.

〔一〕 吳書曰:晉有大夫楊食采於步,後有步叔,與七十子師事仲尼。秦漢之際有為將軍者,以功封淮陰侯,騭其後也。

  • (2) Wúshū states: Zhì extensively studied ways and arts, with nothing he did not read, his nature was broad and elegant and deep, able to lower will and humble self.

  〔二〕 吳書曰:騭博研道藝,靡不貫覽,性寬雅沈深,能降志辱身。

Kuàijī’s Jiāo Zhēngqiāng, was of the prefecture’s powerful clan, (1) his men and retainers unrestrained. Zhì with Jīng gained their food from their land, feared it would be infringed, and thus together made name tags and offered melons, to tribute to Zhēngqiāng. Zhēngqiāng then was inside lying down, they stayed for a while, Jīng wished to leave, Zhì stopped him saying: “Originally that we came, was fearing his strength; but now to give up and leave, wishing to be high, would only arouse resentment.” After a long while, Zhēngqiāng opened lattice window and saw them, concealed self with table and seat inside curtains, setting up mats on the ground, to seat Zhì and Jīng outside the lattice window, Jīng all the more was shamed by this, Zhì’s expression was at ease. Zhēngqiāng ate, himself enjoying large table, luxurious meals piled up, and with small plate of rice given to Zhì and Jīng and only vegetables and nothing more. Jīng could not eat, Zhì finished the rice to his fill and then took leave and went out. Jīng was angry at Zhì and said: “How could you bear this?” Zhì said: “We are poor and lowly, and therefore the host treat us poor and lowly, this is appropriate. What shame is there?” (2)


  • (1) Wúlù states: Zhēngqiāng named Jiǎo, once was Zhēngqiāng Magistrate.

〔一〕 吳錄曰:征羌名矯,嘗為征羌令。

  • (2) Wúlù states: Wèi Jīng appellation Zǐqí, office reached Secretariat.

  〔二〕 吳錄曰:衛旌字子旗,官至尚書。

Sūn Quán became Suppressing Caitiffs General, summoned Zhì as a Registrar, (1) sent him out as Hǎiyán Chief, returned recruited as Chariots and Cavalry General East Department Official. (2)


  • (1) Wúshū states: After over a year, Zhì due to illness resigned, with Lángyé’s Zhūgě Jǐn, Péngchéng’s Yán Jùn together traveled in Wú, all had reputation, and were the time’s outstanding eminents.

〔一〕 吳書曰:歲餘,騭以疾免,與琅邪諸葛瑾、彭城嚴畯俱游吳中,並著聲名,為當時英俊。

  • (2) Wúshū states: [Sūn]Quán became Xú province Governor, appointed Zhì as Internal Manager Attending Official, nominated as abundant talent.

  〔二〕 吳書曰:權為徐州牧,以騭為治中從事,舉茂才。

Jiàn’ān Fifteenth Year [210], he was sent out as designate Póyáng Adminsitrator. During the year, he was moved to Jiāozhōu Inspector, Setting Martial Internal Cadet General, managed martial shooter officials of a thousand men, on the road south going.  Next year, followed and appointed Envoy Wielding Staff, Campaigning South Internal Cadet General. Liú Biǎo’s appointed Cāngwú Administrator Wú Jū secretly harbored ulterior heart, outwardly attached but inwardly opposed. Zhì surrendered intentions to entice, inviting to together meet, and therefore beheaded and exposed him, his authority and reputation greatly shaking. Shì Xiè and his brothers, together submitted to command, and the submission of the southern territories, from this began.


Yìzhōu great clan Yōng Kǎi and others killed Shǔ’s appointed Administrator Zhèng Áng, with [Shì] Xiè exchanged news, asking and wishing to inwardly attach. Zhì therefore carried out regulation to send envoy to announce favor and comfort acceptance, and becuase of this was added office Pacifying Weapons General, fief as Guǎngxìn Marquis.


Yànkāng Inaugural Year [220], [Sūn] Quán sent Lǚ Dài to succeed Zhì, Zhì led Jiāozhōu righteous troops of ten thousand to set out to Chángshā. It happened that Liú Bèi went east downstream, Wǔlíng’s Mán and Yí swarmed and moved, [Sūn] Quán therefore ordered Zhì to go up to Yìyáng. [Liú] Bèi then was utterly defeated, and Líng and Guì’s various prefectures yet were still in alarm, everywhere blocking with troops; Zhì went about campaigning, and pacified them all. Huángwǔ Second Year [223], promoted to Right General and Left Protector of the Army, changed fief to Línxiāng Marquis. Fifth Year [226], Acting Staff of Authority, moved garrison to Ōukǒu.


When [Sūn] Quán claimed honored title [229], he was appointed Elite Cavalry General, designate Jì province Governor. That year, Regional Commander of Xīlíng, succeeding Lù Xùn in comforting the two borders, shortly afterward as Jì province was in Shǔ’s share, he was removed from Governor’s duty.


At the time [Sūn] Quán’s Heir-Apparent [Sūn] Dēng was stationed at Wǔchāng, loved people and enjoyed friendliness, and with Zhì wrote letter that said: “Worthy men and gentlemen, are how to raise and expand great cultivation, assistance to reasoning the time’s affairs. My received nature is muddled and ignorant, unable to understand the ways, though truly having trifling wish to exhaust heart toward enlightened virtue, to become a gentleman, as for the far and near scholars, beginning to end appropriate, yet some are still remote, and I am not yet able to comprehend. The Zhuàn states: ‘Is love able to not labor? Is loyalty able to not instruct?’ This meaning, is it not to hope for gentlemen?”


Zhì therefore listed the those at the time serving in Jīng province’s borders, Zhūgě Jǐn, Lù Xùn, Zhū Rán, Chéng Pǔ, Pān Jùn, Péi Xuán, Xiàhóu Chéng, Wèi Jīng, Lǐ Sù (1), Zhōu Tiáo, Shí Gàn eleven men, explaining their backgrounds, and therefore sent up memorial encouraging and exhorting that said: “I your servant have heard that a ruler of men does not personally deal with small affairs, the hundred officials and managers each have appointment to their duties. Therefore Shùn commanded nine worthies, and then had nothing for which to use heart, plucking five string zither, singing Nánfēng’s poem, not descending from hall temple and the realm Under Heaven was governed. Qí Huán employed Guǎn Zhòng, loosened hair and rode carriage, and Qí state was governed, and also expanded. Recently Hàn Gāozǔ gathered three heroes to raise the Emperor’s enterprise, Western Chǔ lost its stalwart talents and failed to accomplish achievement. Jí Àn was at Court, Huáinán abandoned its plots; Zhì Dū defended the border, the Xiōngnú fled away. Therefore where worthy men are, cutting and charging ten thousand lǐ, they are trusted as the state’s sharp weapons, how it rises and falls. Right now the ruling influence has not yet reached the Hàn’s north, the Hé and Luò’s shores yet have the disgrace of usurpers and rebels, truly the time to gather heroes and select out talents and appoint the worthy. May the enlightened Heir-Apparent heavily consider thoughts, and then the realm Under Heaven’s fortunes will be extreme.”


  • (1) Wúshū states: Sù appellation Wěigōng, Nányáng man. When young for his talent he was heard of, was good at debate and commenting, his [appraisal of other’s] good and bad was accurate, distinguishing the unusual and noting the different, recommending younger generations, his essays and ratings elegant, having orderliness, and everyone because of this supported him. [Sūn] Quán selected him as Selections Department Secretariat, his selections and promotions called as obtaining talents. He asked to be sent out to fill vacancy, became Guìyáng Administrator, the officials and people happily submitted. He was summoned as a Minister. It happened that he died, and those that knew and did not know him, both were pained and lamented.

〔一〕 吳書曰:肅字偉恭,南陽人。少以才聞,善論議,臧否得中,甄奇錄異,薦跡後進,題目品藻,曲有條貫,眾人以此服之。權擢以為〔選曹尚書〕,選舉號為得才。求出補吏,為桂陽太守,吏民悅服。徵為卿。會卒,知與不知,並痛惜焉。

Later Internal Documents Lǚ Yī controlled written documents, many were investigated, Zhì sent up memorial that said: “In prostration one hears that the various investigators nitpick finely, blowing hairs to seek blemishes, heavy cases falsely accused, always wishing to entrap people to complete their authority and fortunes; those without guilt and without fault, unreasonably receive great punishment, and therefore causes the people to stoop under heaven and tiptoe on earth, who does not tremble? In the past the prison officials, only the worthy were thus appointed, and therefore when Gāo Táo was an official, Lǚ Hóu ransom punished, Zhāng and Yú were Ministers of Justice, the people were without false accusation, restful serene reign, truly from this rises. The present’s petty ministers, in action with the ancients are different, prison is by bribery completed, recklessly neglecting people’s lives, placing blame on superiors, for the state inciting complaints. By one man’s call, the ruler’s way is deficient, this deeply can be resented and hated. Enlightened virtue and cautious punishment, the wise considering punishments, the writings and records beautified. From now in the prison, in the capital then one should consult Gù Yōng, in Wǔchāng then Lù Xùn and Pān Jùn, with fair heart in deliberation, attending to obtaining situation. I Zhì attend to divine illuminations, receiving punishment is what regret?”


It also said: “Heaven’s Son’s father is Heaven and mother is Earth, therefore the palace residences and hundred officials, move following the constellations. If bestowing government order, it should respect and follow time and season, for officials obtaining people, then Yīn and Yáng at peace, the seven planets following course. Reaching to today, of officials many are deficient, and though there are great ministers, they are not trusted in appointment, in this way Heaven and Earth how can it not change? Therefore for repeated years there is drought, it is answering excessive Yáng. Also Jiāhé Sixth Year Fifth Moon Twenty-fourth Day [237 Jun 24], Chìwū Second Year Standard Moon First Day [238 Feb 21] and Twenty-seventh Day [238 Mar 19], the ground all shook and quaked. Earth is of Yīn’s sort, minister’s form, Yīn aura flourishing therefore it shakes, minister subordinates monopolizing government is the reason. Heaven and Earth showing strangeness, is how it alerts the ruler of men, who cannot but deeply ponder its meaning!”


It also said: “Chancellor Gù Yōng, Senior General-in-Chief Lù Xùn, Minister of Ceremonies Pān Jùn, consider deeply with heavy duties, their ambition in sincere service, morning and nighta apprehensive, when lying down and eating without peace, thinking and wishing to secure the state and prosper the people, establish long term plans, and can be called heart and backbone legs and arms, the State Altar’s servants. It is appropriate for each to be appoitned, and not send other officials to supervise their management, reproach their efficacy, levy their faults. These three ministers, their thoughts do not reach themselves, how can they dare monopolize power and authority and fortune to turn back on the Heavenly?


It also said: “Displaying reward to make prominent the god, establishing punishment to control the evil, appointing the worthy and using the able, investigating and enlightening in law and method, then what achievement would not be completed, what matter would not be recognized, what listening would not be heard, what sight would not be observed? If now prefectures of a hundred lǐ, all each obtaining their men, to together weave governance, like thus, of governance how could it not be prosperous? I humbly have heard that the various counties all have extraneous officials, if officials are many then the people are vexed, and customs by this suffer. However petty men take opportunity to carry commands, to not attend to serving the public but create authority and fortune, without benefits to seeing or hearing, and furthermore the people harm, I foolishly believe they can be completely dismissed and omitted.”


[Sūn] Quán also became aware, and therefore executed Lǚ Yī. For those who Zhì’s beginning to end recommended but were blocked, he requested resolution for their troubles, the letters of several tens were sent up. [Sūn] Quán though was not able to all accept, however at the time he selected their words, and many were relieved and rescued.


  • Wúlù says: Zhì memorialized saying: “The north’s surrendered men Wáng Qián and others say, the north’s divisions and squads, are plotting to head east, making many cloth bags, wishing to fill with sand to block the Jiāng, to greatly head toward Jīngzhōu. Preparations are not easy to establish, it is difficult to respond quickly, and appropriate to for this prepare.” [Sūn] Quán said: “This Cáo is declined and weak, how are they able to a plan? Certainly they do not dare come. If it is not like I say, I will with oxen of a thousand heads, make you a host.” Later there was Lǚ Fàn and Zhūgě Kè discussing what Zhì had said, saying: “Every time reading Bù Zhì’s memorial, at once we laugh. This Jiāng with the beginning were together produced, how can it with sand bags be blocked?”

〔一〕 吳錄云:騭表言曰:「北降人王潛等說,北相部伍,圖以東向,多作布囊,欲以盛沙塞江,以大向荊州。夫備不豫設,難以應卒,宜為之防。」權曰:「此曹衰弱,何能有圖?必不敢來。若不如孤言,當以牛千頭,為君作主人。」後有呂範、諸葛恪為說騭所言,云:「每讀步騭表,輒失笑。此江與開闢俱生,寧有可以沙囊塞理也!」

Chìwū Ninth Year [246], he succeeded Lù Xùn as Chancellor, yet taught students, his hand did not release books, and his clothes and residence was like a classicist scholar. However inside the gates his wives and concubines’ clothing and adornment was extravagant, and for this he received ridicule. He was at Xīlíng for twenty years, the neighboring enemy respected his authority and faith. By nature he was broad and liberal and obtained the masses, pleasure and anger did not show in his voice or appearance, and outside and inside was solemn.


Tenth Year [247] he died, his son Xié succeeded, commanding what Zhì had controlled, added Supporting the Army General. Xié died, his son Jī succeeded the Marquisate. Xié’s younger brother Chǎn, continued the enterprise as Xīlíng Commander, added Shining Warfare General, fief as Xītíng Marquis. Fènghuáng Inaugural Year [272], summoned as Ràozhāng Commander. Chǎn had for successive generations been at Xīlíng, in the end had been summoned, and himself believed he would lose office, and also feared disaster of slander, and therefore occupied the city and surrendered to Jìn. He sent Jī and his younger brother Xuán to visit Luòyáng as pledges, Jìn appointed Chǎn as Commander of Xīlíng’s various military affairs, General of the Guard, Rites Equal ot the Three Excellencies, added Attendant Internal, Acting Staff of Authority and Designate Jiāozhōu Governor, fief as Yídū Duke. Jī became Supervisor of Jiānglíng’s various military affairs, Left General, added Cavalier Regular Attendant, designate Lúlíng Administrator, changed fief to Jiānglíng Marquis, Xuán was Dispensing Matters Internal, Declaring Authority General, fief as a capital village Marquis. Ordered Chariots and Cavalry General Yáng Hù, Jīngzhōu Inspecotr Yáng Zhào to go visit and rescue Chǎn. Sūn Hào sent Lù Kàng to go west, [Yáng] Hù and the rest escaped and retreated. [Lù] Kàng took the city, beheaded Chǎn and the rest, the Bù clan was exterminated, only Xuán continued the sacrifices.


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