(39.5) Dǒng Yǔn 董允 [Xiūzhāo 休昭]

Dǒng Yǔn appellation Xiūzhāo, was Handling the Army Internal Cadet General [Dǒng] Hé’s son. Xiānzhǔ [Liú Bèi] established an Heir-Apparent, Yǔn was selected to be a Resident, moved to Herald. Hòuzhǔ [Liú Shàn] succeeded the throne, he was promoted to Yellow Gate Attendant Cadet.


Chancellor [Zhūgě] Liàng was about to go on northern campaign, stationed at Hànzhōng, was worried that Hòuzhǔ was still rich in springs and autumns [young], vermilion and violet difficult to distinguish, and as Yǔn maintained heart just and bright, wished to appoint him to manage palace affairs, and sent up memorial that said: “Attendant Internal Guō Yōuzhī, Fèi Yī, Attendant Cadet Dǒng Yǔn and others, were the Former Emperor’s selections to leave to Your Majesty, so as to deliberating regulation and benefit, advancing exhaustive loyal words, then that is their appointment. I humbly believe the palace internal affairs, the matters whether large or small, in all consult with them, they certainly are able to benefit or fix any deficiencies, and have extensive benefits. If there are no words of raising virtue, then kill Yǔn and the rest to make clear their negligence.” [Zhūgě] Liàng later requested [Fèi] Yī to be an advisor to the army, Yǔn was promoted to Attendant Internal, designate Tiger Elite Internal Cadet General, presiding over the night guard close troops. [Guō] Yōuzhī’s nature was acquiescent, filing personnel and nothing more. (1) Appointments of presenting and accepting, Yǔn all controlled it. Yǔn in handling affairs made guarding regulations, deeply exhaustive in reasoning in rectifying and assisting.


  • (1) Chǔguó Xiānxiánzhuàn states: Yōuzhī was a Nányáng man, for his elegance and scholarship he was well known at the time.

〔一〕 楚國先賢傳曰:攸之,南陽人,以器業知名於時。

Hòuzhǔ always wished to make selections to fill the Rear Palace [harem], Yǔn believed: “The ancient Heaven’s Son’s Empress and Consorts in number did not pass twelve, now the concubines are already enough, and it is not appropriate to increase,” and to the end did not allow it. Hòuzhǔ increased his dread and dislike of him.


Secretariat Director Jiǎng Wǎn was designate Yìzhōu Inspector, sent up memorial to defer to Fèi Yī and Yǔn, and also memorialized: “Yǔn has been inside attendant for successive years, assisting and supporting the ruling house, and should be bestowed with noble rank and soil to reward his achievements and labors.” Yǔn firmly declined and would not accept.


Hòuzhǔ gradually grew up, and favored eunuch Huáng Hào. [Huáng] Hào was skilled in flattery and intelligent, and wished to enter [Court]. Yǔn always when above then with stern expression rectified the ruler, and when below then reproached [Huáng] Hào. [Huáng] Hào feared Yǔn, and did not dare do wrong. To the end of Yǔn’s life, [Huáng] Hào’s rank did not pass Yellow Gate Deputy.


Yǔn once with Secretariat Director Fèi Yī, Internal Manager of the Army Hú Jǐ and others together for a time traveled and feasted, his carriage was already prepared, but Cadet Internal Xiāngyáng’s Dǒng Huī visited Yǔn with veneration. [Dǒng] Huī’s years were few and his office small, saw that Yǔn was stopped about to go out, drew back and reqeusted to leave, Yǔn would not agree, saying: “Originally that I was to go out, was wishing to with friends travel and talk, now you have already self bent, about to spread broad accumulations, to abandon this speech, and go to that other feast, is not to be spoken of.” Therefore he ordered to release the horses, [Fèi] Yī and the rest stopped carriage and did not go. His holding to uprightness to subordinate officers, was overall of this kind. (1) Yánxī Sixth Year [243], added Supporting State General. Seventh Year [244], as Attendant Internal administering as Secretariat Director, he became General-in-Chief Fèi Yī’s second. Ninth Year [247] he died. (2)


  • (1) Xiāngyángjì states: Dǒng Huī appellation Xiūxù was a Xiāngyáng man. He entered Shǔ, and as Announcing Faith Cadet assisted Fèi Yī as envoy to Wú. Sūn Quán once was greatly intoxicated and asked Yī: “Yáng Yí, Wèi Yán, are herder little men. Though they can increase calls and barks in the time’s matters, however they are already appointed, their powers cannot be lightened, if in one morning there is no Zhūgě Liàng, there will certainly be trouble and chaos. You sirs are confused, and have not known to guard against and ponder this, how can this be called leaving plans for descendants?” [Fèi] Yī was astonished and looked all around, not able to at once answer. [Dǒng] Huī looked at Yī and said: “You can quickly say that [Yáng] Yí and [Wèi] Yán’s disharmony rises from personal angers and that is all, and is not Qíng [Bù] and Hán [Xìn]’s difficult to control hearts. Now we are about to sweep away strong rebels, unify the heartlands, achievement is by talent accomplished, enterprise by talent expanded, if this is abandoned and not appointed, to protect against later worries, it is to prepare for winds and waves but abandon the boat’s oars, not a long term plan.” [Sūn] Quán greatly laughed and was happy. Zhūgě Liàng heard this, and believed it knowledgeable speech. He returned not yet three days, and was recruited to the Chancellor’s Office associate, promoted to Bājùn Administrator.
  • Your Servant Sōngzhī cites: Hàn Jìn Chūnqiū also records this story, not saying it was Dǒng Huī’s instructions, the words also slightly differ, these two books both were produced by sir Xí but are not the same like this. The base biography says: “[Dǒng] Huī’s years were few and office small,” if he was already a Chancellor’s Office associate, sent out to Bājùn, then his office was not small. By this one suspects sir Xí’s words are not examined as accurate.

〔一〕 襄陽記曰:董恢字休緒,襄陽人。入蜀,以宣信中郎副費禕使吳。孫權嘗大醉問禕曰:「楊儀、魏延,牧豎小人也。雖嘗有鳴吠之益於時務,然既已任之,勢不得輕,若一朝無諸葛亮,必為禍亂矣。諸君憒憒,曾不知防慮於此,豈所謂貽厥孫謀乎?」禕愕然四顧視,不能即答。恢目禕曰:「可速言儀、延之不協起於私忿耳,而無黥、韓難御之心也。今方掃除彊賊,混一區夏,功以才成,業由才廣,若捨此不任,防其後患,是猶備有風波而逆廢舟楫,非長計也。」權大笑樂。諸葛亮聞之,以為知言。還未滿三日,辟為丞相府屬,遷巴郡太守。臣松之案:漢晉春秋亦載此語,不云董恢所教,辭亦小異,此二書俱出習氏而不同若此。本傳云「恢年少官微」,若已為丞相府屬,出作巴郡,則官不微矣。以此疑習氏之言為不審的也。

  • (2) Huáyáng Guózhì states: At the time Shǔ people took Zhūgě Liàng, Jiǎng Wǎn, Fèi Yī and Yǔn as the Four Chancellors, also called the Four Outstanding.

〔二〕 華陽國志曰:時蜀人以諸葛亮、蔣琬、費禕及允為四相,一號四英也。

Chén Zhī succeeded Yǔn as Attendant Internal, with Huáng Hào mutually colluded, [Huáng] Hào first participated in government affairs. After [Chén] Zhī died, [Huáng] Hào from Yellow Gate Director became Internal Regular Attendant, Presenting Chariot Commandant, wielded and controlled power’s handle, in the end overturning the state. Of Shǔ men none did not recall and think of Yǔn. When Dèng Ài reached Shǔ, he heard of [Huáng] Hào’s treachery and danger, arrested and imprisoned, about to kill him, but [Huáng] Hào richly bribed [Dèng] Ài’s attendants, and was able to escape.


Zhī appellation Fèngzōng was a Rǔnán man, Xǔ Jìng’s elder brother’s daughter’s son. When young he was orphaned, and grew in [Xǔ] Jìng’s house. When capped he had reputation, gradually promoted to Selections Department cadet, strict and severe with authoritative appearance, had many skills and arts, grasping several methods, Fèi Yī deeply was impressed with him, and therefore excelled his succession to Yǔn as an inner attendant. Lǚ Yì died, Zhī also became Attendant Internal administering as Secretariat Director, added Defending the Army General, and though General-in-Chief Jiāng Wéi was ranked above Zhī, always led armies outside, rarely personally attending to Court governance. Zhī above carried out the ruler’s directions, below received the eunuchs, deeply met with faith and love, his power heavier than [Jiāng] Wéi. Jǐngyào Inaugural Year [258] he died. Hòuzhǔ was pained and grieved, speaking and shedding tears, and therefore sent down Imperial Order that said: “Zhī presided duties for an age, his gentle excellence to be followed, capability and solemness had standard, harmonious and righteous and benefiting things, his many accomplishments full and brilliant. His life did not reach distantly, and I use lamenting. One who living had reputation, then gone add beautiful posthumous name. Posthumous name Zhōng-hóu ‘Loyal Marquis.'” Bestowed on his son Càn noble rank as Marquis Within the Passes, selecting his next son Yù as Yellow Gate Attendant Cadet. From when Zhī had favor, Hòuzhǔ’s recollection and resentment of Yǔn daily deepened, saying that he had been frivolous to him, because Zhī flattered the one man, and [Huáng] Hào’s influence spreading and that is all. Yǔn’s grandson Hóng was a Jìn Bājùn Administrator. (1)


  • (1) Your Servant Sōngzhī believes that for Chén Qún’s son Tài, Lù Xùn’s son Kàng, their biographies all are attached to their father’s, not separately carrying surname. And of Wáng Sù, Dù Shù, Zhāng Chéng, Gù Shào’s sort, none were not in that way. Only Dǒng Yǔn alone was not, and the meaning is unclear; was the reason that Yǔn’s reputation and rank were exceedingly heavy, in achievement surpassing his father? Xiàhóu Xuán and Chén Biǎo both had a red horn’s beauty [translator’s note: a literary reference saying they surpassed their fathers], but also were like with Tài’s. Wèishū gathered the names in that juàn called the various Xiàhóu and Cáo biographies, and therefore did not add additional evaluation. Chén Wǔ with Biǎo both reached Assistant General, so that their ranks did not surpass each other was the reason.

〔一〕 臣松之以為陳群子泰,陸遜子抗,傳皆以子繫父,不別載姓,及王肅、杜恕、張承、顧劭之流,莫不皆然,惟董允獨否,未詳其意,當以允名位優重,事跡踰父故邪?夏侯玄、陳表並有騂角之美,而亦如泰者,魏書總名此卷云諸夏侯曹傳,故不復稍加品藻。陳武與表俱至偏將軍,以位不相過故也。

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