(50.7) Lady Pān 吳主權潘夫人

Wúzhǔ [Sūn] Quán’s lady Pān was a Kuàijī Gōuzhāng woman. Her father was an official, in connection to the law died. The lady with her older sister both were sent to weaving houses, [Sūn] Quán saw and was impressed with her, and summoned her to fill the Rear Palace. She obtained favor and became pregnant, dreamed of a dragon head being given to her, she with her skirt accepted it, and then bore [Sūn] Liàng.

Chìwū Thirteenth Year [250], [Sūn] Liàng was enthroned as Heir-Apparent, it was requested to marry off the lady’s elder sister, [Sūn] Quán listened and permitted it. Next year [251], enthroned the lady as Imperial Empress. By nature she was treacherous and jealous, fawned and flattered, from the beginning to her death, she slandered and harmed lady Yuán and others of extremely many. (1) When [Sūn] Quán was not well, the lady sent to ask Internal Documents Director Sūn Hóng about the precedent of Empress Lǚ dominating power. She attended to [Sūn Quán’s] illness and was exhausted, and therefore became lean and ill, and the various Palace women watching for when she fainted and lied down, together strangled and killed her, claiming she succumbed [to illness]. Later the matter leaked, those connected that died were six to seven people. [Sūn] Quán died, and they were buried together at Jiǎnglíng. Sūn Liàng succeeded the throne, and had the lady’s elder sister’s husband Tán Shào be a Cavalry Commandant, given troops. When [Sūn] Liàng was deposed, [Tán] Shào with his family and dependents were sent back to their home prefecture Lúlíng.

  • (1) Wúlù states: Lady Yuán was Yuán Shù’s daughter, she had integrity and conduct but was without sons. [Sūn] Quán repeatedly had his various concubine-born sons given for her to raise, but she always was infertile. When lady Bù died, [Sūn] Quán wished to enthrone her [as Empress]. The lady because she was without sons, firmly declined and would not accept.


〔一〕 吳錄曰:袁夫人者,袁術女也,有節行而無子。權數以諸姬子與養之,輒不育。及步夫人薨,權欲立之。夫人自以無子,固辭不受。

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